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Organizations we Support and Sponsor.
It is the responsibility of USA Luge to prepare, train and equip the United States National Luge Team for international and Olympic competition, as well as promote the growth of the sport nationwide.

Pleasure Tool has been providing USA Luge with inline wheels and bearings since 2001.

Links of general Interest.

Northern California Downhill Skateboarding Association

Rediscovering the Soul of Skateboarding!

Silverfish Longboarding

Everything longboarding. Longboard news, Product reviews, resources.

Skateboard Forum

Dedicated to anything and everything skateboarding.  Reviews, videos, deals, and resources.

Commercial Sites.


Check out this new use for Pleasure Tool Ceramic Bearings. ChainDragGONE racing products have developed the most advanced racing systems and have earned the reputation for top quality racing products. Check them out.

Here you will find a complete line of hand crafted skateboards, and all the latest accessories. Kahanamoku Sons use only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to create authentic Kahanamoku skateboards.

Racers we are proud to Sponsor.

YOYO, < MORE INFO > Slalom Racer

Wentzle Ruml, < MORE INFO > OG Z-Boy

Jerry Davis "JD", < MORE INFO > Down Hill Speed freak

Texas Rollergirls, < MORE INFO > Women's Roller Derby

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